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minimal. classic. soft.

Fawn Showit Template

Clean & Strategic Showit Templates

+ 8 Page Website Which Includes...
Home Page, About Page, Blog Page, Single Post Blog Page, Services Page, Contact Page, Instagram Links Page, 404 page

+ Access to the signature course on how exactly to best customize this template

+ Full email support

+ Showit support

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The Good Stuff!

+ Showit Subscripton
You can get one FREE month by using this link, or sign up for their FREE 14 day trial.

+ Domain Name 
If you've already got one, great! It just needs connected to Showit. If you don't already have one, I recommend Namecheap or GoDaddy.

+ The main font in this template is not included. You can buy it here.

You can download the free font used in this template here.

+ Images of model not included in the template. Photos copyright to Nahyun Barbuto Photography.

+ All other images are from Unsplash / Pexels. 

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affordable. easy to use. drag and drop.

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Showit is an incredibly intuitive drag and drop platform. It is integrated with WordPress. What this means: Essentially, Showit is the theme and the blog is through WordPress. You can learn more by heading to

i'm not really sure what showit is and how it works?

Yes! Once you purchase I offer support through email. If you have any questions you can email!

do you offer support after purchasing if i need it?

Yep! I offer that service. If you purchase this templat with the intention of DIYing it and customizing it yourself and then decide you don't have time or simply don't want to, reach back out to me via email ( and we will work something out!

will you customize it for me?

After you purchase the Fawn template, it comes with my mini Showit Restyle course. It shows you the Showit basics, and it shows you exactly how to customize things like fonts, colors, and images. This literally saves you hours, and it's yours at no additional cost once you purchase the template!

what if i'm just not tech savvy?

No worries! Though I don't have a specific package for branding, (because it comes in my custom website package), I would be happy to talk about branding for your template at an additional, affordable cost!

what if i don't have branding?

All you need is a Showit Subscription and a domain name. Head on over to, select the plan that works for you, (I highly suggest the 2nd or 3rd tier plan), buy your domain name and you are seconds away from launching a full blown beautiful website! Get a FREE MONTH of Showit with this link!

aside from the template, what else do i need?

need help with branding or customizing your template? i got you.

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